Jamie is a great tutor and very knowledgeable on any school subject. She takes the time and effort to explain and ensures that I understand it, so I can do the work on my own. When we are not working on my homework or school projects, she asks me what subjects I want to work more on and develops her own teaching material, which is very helpful to me. Jamie is very kind, caring, and easy to work with. She has helped me improve my study skills, build my confidence, and succeed in school. 😊

Ronnie L.
Age 14
Has worked with Jamie 3 Years



Jamie immediately knew how to connect to my two boys. She makes the tutoring fun and engaging, and she knows how to push each of them without making it overwhelming. I have seen a newfound interest and comfort level with writing ever since the boys have been working with her. Jamie is always organized and prepared for each tutoring session. And-an added bonus: she is a delight to work with!

Emily C.
[email protected]
Has worked with Jamie for 4 months



A few years ago, my daughter had low self-esteem because of her reading difficulties. I worked with her everyday to improve her skills. Eventually, I realized that I just wanted to be her mom and not her teacher. I made the best decision of my life when I called Jamie. She was able to identify my daughter’s weaknesses, build her base, and help develop a relationship which allowed her self-confidence to flourish. Instead of struggling to work on reading, she was clamoring for her time with Jamie. When I decided to add another child to work with Jamie, there was always an argument of who got Jamie first and equal time for both kids. I loved that the kids wanted to be with Jamie. I love that they blossomed into better students. I love that they never slid backwards over the summer. Jamie is my hero! Thank you Jamie.

Karen McGormley
[email protected]
Has worked with Jamie for 3.5 years


Jamie is the best tutor I have ever had! She is a wonderful teacher who helps you with whatever you are having problems with. If you are looking for a tutor, Jamie is the way to go. She makes me want to learn and fix my mistakes. I love working with Jamie because she is fun to be around and is extremely smart.

Margo M.
Age 14
Has worked with Jamie for 3.5 years



When I first came to Jamie, I was struggling with my academics and grammar. Her system of molding her teaching to my needs helped me grow to have stronger ACT score and to be able to finish and grammatically check my work. I have become a lot more confident in my ability and thinking, which led me to become a better person and student. College essays were also a struggle for me. Jamie will make sure that you catch the eye of the admissions office for the college of your dreams. It’s a yes for me 🙂

Matthew C.
Age 17
Has worked with Jamie for 1.5 years



In my junior year of high school, I received tutoring from Jamie prior to my SAT. I struggled in the aspect of the reading portion, and she was able to create a system to help me study. She effectively taught me how to identify patterns and what to look for in the passages. She created a system for my personal needs and presented me an individualized structure to taking the tests. I highly recommend seeking tutoring from Jamie!

Nicholas S.
College Student
[email protected]



When I saw Jamie tutoring in the library, I approached her. I was impressed with the knowledge and relationship she seemed to have with the student she was working with at the time. I am so glad I did! Jamie helped my daughter organize and edit all of her college essays. She is a fountain of knowledge, and she knows how to get her ideas across clearly and help students do the same. Jamie is amazing at what she does, and I can’t recommend her highly enough for her expertise, kindness, and professionalism.

Bianca Xian
[email protected]



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