Mission Statement:

Mutually forging the path to growth, success, and empowerment through personalization and partnership.

Jamie the Scholar:

My passion is educating students in a meaningful way through keen and ongoing assessment, authentic connection, and personalized instruction. I am a Harvard University graduate and have four degrees in the areas of English, psychology/counseling, education, and leadership. I have been educating students and adults for over two decades in both the private and public spheres of education.

My experiences, however, have been the fuel for my passion for superior education. I struggled horribly in English-related subjects up until my last year of high school. The education system failed to detect, or even suggest for that matter, that there may be a reason why I excelled in math and science and had such a challenging time with writing and reading. It wasn’t until I enrolled in the required special education courses in college that my own issues were illuminated as I read through the overly-highlighted pages of my USED book. Shortly after, I was diagnosed with ADHD, reading comprehension disorders, and scotopic sensitivity syndrome. At that point, I had developed many strategies of my own to learn, remember, and perform more adequately in school. My entire adult life has been dedicated to helping students learn how to navigate their own educational experiences, succeed, and empower themselves.


Our Philosophy:

We believe very strongly in certain life and educational principles, and they guide everything we do.

  • First, we are firm believers that connection is the key to everything. We genuinely want to get to know our students and have them get to know us.
  • Second, we are strong proponents of open dialogues and feedback. Honesty and openness are paramount. We encourage students to respectfully engage in conversations to both understand themselves more fully as learners and advocate for themselves in healthy ways with the aim of increased success. We, as teachers, give authentic praise and helpful and specific critique.
  • Third, we see our relationship with students as a partnership, NOT a dictatorship.
  • Fourth, we have high expectations for our students, and we push them to tap into their strengths, address their challenge areas, and maximize their potential.
  • Fifth, we create curriculum for our students tailored to what they need to work on, how they learn, and what they care about.


Step 1: Schedule a phone conversation with you to find out more about your student(s) and how we may be able to help.
Step 2: Set up an appointment for an assessment with Jamie the Scholar.
Step 3: Read your personalized assessment report.
Step 4: Have a discussion with Jamie the Scholar about goals for your student and how we may work together as a team to help your student(s).
Step 5: Begin your individualized program with one of our superb tutors!