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Whether your student needs help with multiplication tables and fractions or more advanced high school content, our knowledgeable and patient tutors will work one-on-one with your student to teach it in a way that makes sense to your student. Learning mathematical concepts on the e-learning platform has been challenging for many students, and many stay silent when they do not understand for fear of slowing the class down or being embarrassed. Over time, the struggle can become overwhelming, and students can begin to shut down and feel left behind. We understand the frustration that comes with wanting to complete skills and homework and not understanding how to do so. We can help build skill gaps as well as explain and assist with homework, helping your student to gain confidence and ultimately, independence.


From the fundamentals of phonics to advanced literature, we are here to help with patience and kindness at your student’s pace. Our expert tutors will help to empower your student by identifying and addressing challenge areas. Reading skills, such as inferencing and analysis, can be very difficult for students to tackle, especially those who think more mathematically and scientifically. We can help make difficult language, vocabulary, and analysis more manageable by arming students with workable strategies, such as graphic organizers and annotation, that make these assignments less overwhelming and more palatable.


Communication is key in everything we do, and with technology being so paramount in our daily lives, short bursts of communication like texts and tweets tend to dominate the digital landscape. Grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary have fallen by the wayside, and many students find it challenging to communicate in writing in our present e-learning environment now more than ever before. Our expert tutors can help students navigate various writing structures, how to write successful claim statements and CERs, and understand the grammatical rules and punctuation they will be held accountable for through school as they advance. Our tutors strive to empower students with the knowledge they need in order to organize, write, and edit their own work.

ACT/SAT & College Essays:

Preparing for the ACT/SAT and writing college essays can be an overwhelming task for high school students! We have strategies, knowledge, and experience with the ACT & SAT tests as well as how to write interesting and well-written essays that will make your student stand out in the sea of applicants. Let us help your student feel prepared for the ACT/SAT and submit essays he/she is proud of that highlight your student’s experiences, talents, and aspirations.

Homework Help:

Many students are struggling with homework in our e-learning culture, and we can help! Whether it is a complex writing assignment or math that just isn’t clicking, we can help your student understand the material, complete assignments and projects, prepare for tests, and address any skill gaps that may be hindering your student from achieving success. Trying to help your student through their e-learning challenges can be difficult for parents, especially in the culture of e-learning where materials are scattered on various platforms, and many times, subjects are taught differently than parents were taught. Our goal is to meet the immediate need of the assignment or project at hand, of course, but ultimately, we strive to empower students to handle the work on their own by providing them with the tools they need to work independently with confidence.


Learning differently than others can be a challenge, but with dedication, a positive attitude, caring professionals, and strategies to employ, students can succeed, master material in ways that work for them, and learn to advocate for what they need in a larger sense. Our caring and skilled professionals have experience with many types of learners and a plethora of strategies to help your son/daughter begin mastering concepts that can seem overwhelming, whether it be beginning reading or complex essay structures in high school- multiplication tables or precalculus. Helping students to become more independent and gain confidence in themselves and their abilities is our goal!! Let our amazing professionals help your son/daughter learn how they can use their strengths to conquer the areas in which they currently struggle.


It is wonderful that schools are exposing students of all ages to foreign language, culture, and history; however, many students find learning another language frustrating and have trouble grasping grammatical concepts and differences between the language(s) with which they are familiar. Syntax (ordering of words in the sentence) can be very different and hard for students to master. Speaking is also another challenge for many students as many of them do not have much opportunity to use their burgeoning language skills with others or are not confident enough to attempt to when the situation would allow it. Nuances of speaking and having conversations can be overwhelming to students as they try to parse out accents, grammatical principles, and syntax in their heads as they are speaking. We can help! With one-on-one instruction, your tutor can hone in on exactly what your son/daughter needs, move at his/her pace, and give him/her a safe space to practice and ask questions.